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İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
İTÜ Tasarım ve Prototip Merkezi Binası Reşitpaşa Mah. Katar Cad. No:2/41 İç kapı: 1 34469 Sarıyer, İstanbul, Türkiye

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1773 ITU Teknopark for Academics

Advantages for Academics

ITU faculty members may establish a company in 1773 ITU Teknopark, become a partner in a based company, or take part in a company’s management to commercialize the results of their research, with the permission they will receive from the ITU University Administrative Board.

In the Academic Incubation Center of 1773 ITU Teknopark, you can get service in a shared model, with the logic of a co-working space, and rent a place. 1773 ITU Teknopark also provides a 50% rent discount for the first 30m2 two years after its establishment to academic companies.

Faculty members from other universities can also use the Academic Incubation Center under the same conditions as ITU faculty members. They can get a 25% rental discount for the first 30m2 for two years in closed-office rentals.

At the Academic Incubation Center of 1773 ITU Teknopark, acceleration training is given periodically for academic companies in business administration, marketing, and finance.


Why Should You Choose?

Incubation Center

At the center of ITU Ayazaga campus.

Academic Firm
Acceleration Program

Fully tailored to the needs of academics.


Everything is for your success.

Team Expertise

The companion you need from intellectual property to project management, from EU projects to investor relations.

For Technology Transfer 1773 ITU Teknopark TTO

Other Benefits for Academics

Opportunity for R&D & Innovation experience

Opportunity to turn your research results into applications and to design innovative products in 1773 ITU Teknopark by using support and incentives.

Opportunity to develop cooperation with industry

Easy access to 1773 ITU Teknopark firms and other companies that can cooperate with legal support and commercial opportunities in the technopark environment. Developing new cooperation models under the guidance of 1773 ITU Teknopark.

Entrepreneurship training & support

Fundamental entrepreneurship trainings on basic topics related to entrepreneurship, business model development, investment and growth. Support and introduction in investor negotiations.

Patent and intellectual property consultancy

Developing the right protection strategies for the intellectual property in your projects under the consultancy of experienced ITU patent experts and academics working on intellectual property.

Project finance training and consultancy

Access to basic accounting and finance information and training opportunities that you will need for your large-scale projects. Financial project management under the guidance of 1773 ITU Teknopark TTO.

Business management and marketing training

Free trainings and seminars for entrepreneurs in business administration, strategy, management, marketing and similar fields that you may not have mastered within the framework of your academic education.

Access to grants and support programs

Access to national and international project financing resources with 1773 ITU Teknopark TTO team for your R&D projects. Project preparation and application improvement support.

Consortium formation & project partnerships

Support for consortium formation for your domestic and international partner needs for your research projects and applications.

Licensing & spin-off company formation opportunities

Commercialization models that jointly secure the interests of ITU and the researcher for intellectual property derived from your projects at ITU.

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