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İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
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Advantages for Firms

1773 İTÜ Teknopark provides income tax exemption for R&D projects, corporate tax exemption for companies and incentives for academic staff working in technopark companies within the framework of Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691. In addition to these, foreign investors and companies can also benefit from all the incentives and supports provided in the region.

Income and Corporate Tax Exemption: Income and corporate taxpayers operating in the region are exempt from income and corporate tax until 31/12/2028 for their earnings from software and R&D activities exclusively in this region.

Income Tax Exemption Applied to Wages : Employees in the region; The wages of the R&D personnel related to these duties are exempt from income and all kinds of taxes until 31/12/2028. The fees for the time spent by the software development and R&D personnel outside the Technology Development Zone with the permission of the TDZ Executive Company and the approval of the Ministry within the scope of the R&D project are also exempt from income tax.

SSI Employer Support : Within the scope of the law numbered 4691, the personnel who work in the companies operating in the Technology Development Zones and whose wages are exempt from income tax; Half of the employer's share of the insurance premium calculated over the wages they receive in return for their work is paid by the T.C. for each employee for a period of 5 (five) years. It is covered from the appropriation to be placed in the budget of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

VAT Exemption: Entrepreneurs operating in the technology development zone, within the period when their earnings are exempt from income or corporate tax (until 31/12/2028), which they produce in these zones and which include system management, data management, business applications, Deliveries and services in the form of sectoral, internet, mobile and military command and control application software are exempt from value added tax.

In addition to the legal incentives listed above, in the campuses of one of the world's most established technical universities or in places closely related to these campuses, your R&D projects with the support of distinguished academicians, consultants who will enable you to access scientific funding sources and help you manage your technology projects, Technology Development Zones numbered 4691. The tax incentives defined in the Law and being able to develop it with easy access to ITU's outstanding undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students are the main benefits of 1773 ITU Teknopark to companies.

Also. Companies working on products and technologies with physical dimensions such as machinery, electricity, electronics and materials can access ITU's vast laboratory infrastructure and manufacturing experience, and prepare prototypes in ITU laboratories with the assurance of 1773 ITU Teknopark TTO and have them produced in low volumes.

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