İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi'nin teknoloji geliştirme bölgesi.

İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
İTÜ Tasarım ve Prototip Merkezi Binası Reşitpaşa Mah. Katar Cad. No:2/41 İç kapı: 1 34469 Sarıyer, İstanbul, Türkiye

Let's transform the future together.

This is ITU's technology development zone. A center of attraction that brings entrepreneurs and companies' R&D and technology teams together with ITU's experience.

ITU has all the expertise you need.

With its academics, researchers, students and graduates, all the expertise you seek for your R&D and technology development needs are together.

Support your R&D at
1773 ITU Technopark.

All the services and supports that entrepreneurs and companies need in the process of technology development and commercialization are together.

Prototyping & low volume production at 1773 ITU Technopark.

The unit production, prototyping, machine, material and equipment testing capabilities you need are at ITU Technopark with the assurance of ITU.

1773 ITU Teknopark DIFFERENCE

Superior facilities for product design, protyping and materials research

ITU's experienced researchers and laboratory infrastructure are right next to you.

For teams working on materials, equipment and similar issues, advantageous access to ITU's unique laboratory facilities and experienced researchers is at 1773 ITU Teknopark.


Develop your product prototypes with our
technical consultants.

1773ITU Teknopark Dıfference

Why 1773 ITU Teknopark?

R&D Focused

ITU's extensive facilities, richness of researchers and 1773 İTÜ Teknopark TTO team is always focused on your project success.


It is not just an office, but an integrated ecosystem where students, academics, entrepreneurs and companies are intertwined.

Laboratory Facilities

ITU's advanced and comprehensive laboratory facilities are always at your disposal for testing, prototyping and analysis services.

Expert Team

Project management, technology development, intellectual property, product design or incentive implementation. All the expertise you are looking for is at ITU.

Take Your Place at 1773 ITU Teknopark

Access the exclusive opportunities of ITU.

Research and development

Technology Areas

Environmental Technologies and Systems

Water treatment technologies, air pollution control, renewable energy, waste management, climate change, pollution cleanup and green infrastructure.

Marine Transport and Ship Machinery

Maritime technologies, ports and marine structures. Marine transportation, design of underwater and surface vehicles.

Electricity, Electronics and Communication

Renewable energy generation and distribution. Smart Systems, IoT, electronic device design and manufacturing. Microprocessors. Mobile and wireless data communications and networks. Audio and video communication.

Industrial and Management Engineering

Production planning, decision models, optimization. Financial technologies. Digital marketing.

& Maritime

Design of underwater and surface vehicles, shipyard, navigation products and technologies.

Construction & Geomatics Technologies

Earthquake safety, sustainable construction and building materials. Satellite imaging, Geographic Information Systems, map and cartographic technologies.

Chemistry and Food Technologies

Biobased chemicals, catalytic processes, energy storage. Healthy foods, food preservation, storage and biotechnological production.

Control and Automation Technologies

Control systems, digital twins and modelling. Robotic systems and digital automation infrastructures.

Mining, Geology
Oil & Natural Gas

Mining and earth science technologies. Products and systems for the extraction, transmission and distribution of oil and natural gas.

Machinery, Manufacturing, Materials and Metallurgy

Smart manufacturing technologies, digitalization in industry, additive manufacturing, sustainability. New materials, crystal structures and processing of precious metals.

Architecture, Urbanism
& Industrial Design

Sustainable architecture, smart buildings and building materials. Smart cities, urban planning and urban transformation. Product design, material selection and industrial efficiency.

Molecular Biology & Genetics

Genomics, proteomics and systems biology. DNA, m-RNA, gene therapy and detection, diagnosis and treatment of chromosomal abnormalities.

Textile Technologies & Design

Ecological textiles, smart textiles and functional textiles. Sustainable design, natural materials and waste reduction.

Aircraft and Space Technologies

Aviation systems and technologies. Design, equipment and materials of flying vehicles and other vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence
& Data Engineering

Machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, deep learning. Data analysis and advanced modelling.

Software and Hardware Systems

Software robots, robotic process automation, robotic hardware systems and sensor technologies.


Scientific research project


Research budget
million TL (2022)


Laboratory space
(m2) (2022)


Number of Researchers

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