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Lean Startup Approach

The lean startup approach, based on lean production philosophy, is an approach that aims to enable entrepreneurs who want to implement a new business idea to use resources most efficiently while establishing their businesses. Lean startup aims to increase the company’s efficiency by reducing costs and providing more value to the customer, increasing efficiency so that small businesses can succeed.

The lean startup approach is based on three main principles. These include customer orientation, reaching big goals with small steps, and a learning culture.

The principle of customer focus states that customer needs and expectations should be at the center of business activities. The business ensures customer satisfaction by identifying customer needs and offering products and services that meet customer demands.

The principle of reaching big goals with small steps states that the business should move forward with small steps in lean entrepreneurship. To achieve enormous goals, the company must divide the steps into small and measurable goals and continuously learn and improve until it reaches its goals.

The learning culture principle aims to learn and develop in lean entrepreneurship continuously. The business constantly evaluates feedback to understand customer needs and improve product/service quality and develops itself to improve business processes.

Doç. Dr. Deniz Tunçalp

The lean startup helps entrepreneurs use resources efficiently and reduce costs in business activities. In addition, thanks to its customer-oriented approach, it contributes to the growth and success of the business by increasing customer satisfaction and offering products and services that meet customers’ demands.

This lesson plan covers the fundamentals of the lean entrepreneurship approach and offers students practical application opportunities. Each course helps students become familiar with the subject and develop their skills to apply the lean startup approach in business activities.

Lecture 1

Lean Startup
  • Basic principles and benefits of lean startup approach
  • Importance and common usage areas of lean startup approach for businesses

Lecture 2

Customer Focus
  • Identifying customer needs and providing value to the customer
  • Customer feedback and market research
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Lecture 3

Reaching Big Goals in Small Steps
  • Small steps to set goals and achieve goals in lean entrepreneurship
  • Measurable goals and performance measures
  • Continuous learning and development

Lecture 4

Business Processes and Efficiency
  • Identifying and improving business processes
  • Reducing waste and waste of resources
  • Increasing the efficiency of business activities

Lecture 5

Lean Startup Practices
  • Practical examples and steps for implementing lean startup approach
  • Examples of lean startup practices in different sectors
  • The future of lean startup practices and the new trends

Lecture 6

Pivot: Establishing an Entrepreneurial Opportunity in the Field
  • Establishing an entrepreneurial opportunity step by step with a lean startup approach
  • Pivot timing and technique
  • Change and adaptation at different stages
  • Strategic pivot from financial, technical and operational perspectives
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