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Prototyping & Production Center

Prototyping Services

Machining Center, Lathe & Erosion

Functional prototyping and first mass production equipment can be produced with a 5-axis vertical machining center, C and Y-axis lathe, which is capable of producing original designs in R&D studies. Almost all of the production capabilities in the field of machining can be realized.

With Plunge and Wire Erosion machines, very sensitive (0.000Xmm) tolerance parts can be produced, hardened metals can be processed without any problems. It is possible to produce high-function parts with critical use, such as in the aviation industry.

Production can be made in areas such as metal and plastic materials, engine and mechanical transmission parts, machine parts, mass production molds, cores and similar parts, construction parts, functional and final prototyping.

It produces parts that are frequently used in mass production and R&D activities in sectors where metal products such as automotive industry, machinery industry, defense and aviation industry, white goods, agricultural machinery, robotics, automation, iron and steel industry, production machinery are used.

Automotive gear and transmission parts. Machine hydraulic and pneumatic movement and fittings. Molds, cores, socket sets. Engine block, axial bearings.

With metal materials, simple geometry machinery, engine parts, fasteners, mold elements can be produced that require low tolerance and high strength.

Services can be provided in areas such as aviation industry, defense industry, iron and steel industry, machinery industry, plastic injection production, mold industry.

Mold cores, bites. Aerospace engine parts requiring high strength and low tolerance.

CNC, Cutting, Twisting & Source

With laser cutting, bending and welding machines, production needs can be met to a large extent in the field of sheet metal processing.

With the CNC Router, large-sized visual prototypes can be processed, wood and plastic plate cutting and shaping can be done. Especially large prototypes used for the automotive industry can be produced quickly with this method.

Sheet metals suitable for laser cutting such as steel, aluminum and copper, machine parts, automotive parts, machine parts, metal construction elements such as elevators, production elements, refinery and mining machinery parts, agricultural machinery, tractor and defense industry combat vehicle parts, aesthetic Production can be made in areas such as functional and final prototyping parts.

It is widely used in sectors such as agriculture industry, machinery industry, automotive, electronics, white goods, construction and construction sites, refinery and industrial storage areas, industrial food, petrochemistry, shipyards, iron and steel and glass industry, defense industry.

Tractor, elevator, warehouse cabins. Chassis of agricultural machinery. Pressure vessels, machine chassis and constructions. Combat vehicle bodies. Industrial kitchen equipment, metal bodies of small household appliances.

Products such as prototypes, machines and fixtures, electric vehicle bodies, composite molds can be produced from aluminum, wood and plastic plates.

It is widely used in industries such as industrial R&D, advertising, machinery, aviation and electronics.

Electronic card bearings, electric vehicle bodies. Prototype moulds, wooden mechanism parts. Drone chassis and wings.

Additive Manufacturing

Short-lived visual prototypes and simple machine parts can be produced with FDM printers. With SLA printers, parts that will show the closest functional properties to the final product can be produced. It can realize pre-series production without initial investment. Visual and functional prototypes of almost all products can be produced.

Products such as simple machine parts, visual prototypes, specially designed parts can be produced from low-strength plastic and composite materials.

It provides services to sectors such as electronics, white goods, automotive, advertising, design and architecture.

Prototypes and models. Dedicated machine ports.

Many products such as machine parts, engine parts, motion parts, functional and final prototypes, specially designed connection and transmission parts can be produced from high-strength plastic materials.

It can serve sectors such as aviation, defense industry, automotive, electronics, white goods, robotics, chemistry, entertainment industry, test equipment, machinery industry.

Underwater drone body, exoskeleton parts. Drone bodies, board game figures. Controller prototypes, control desks.

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