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Mentor System

Basic Principles and Operation


The Mentoring program works with the mutual and voluntary socialization of entrepreneurs and mentors. No mentorship is appointed without the consent of the parties. As long as volunteering continues, the mentoring relationship continues.

1- Volunteers who want to become mentors apply to the program with their resume information and keywords related to their expertise.
2- The program management evaluates the applications according to the needs of the entrepreneurs. Mentor candidates who are found suitable are invited.
3- Mentor candidates sign the mentoring ethics commitment and participate in one of the periodical orientation programs and are included in the mentoring system.
5- Entrepreneurs are entitled to receive mentorship by registering for one of the appropriate time slots announced by the mentor they want to meet.
6- In case of emergency, a mentoring appointment can be canceled up to 24 hours before the request of either party.
7- Mentoring sessions can be online or face-to-face.
8- After the mentoring session, the mentors and entrepreneurs give an evaluation note about how satisfied they are with the session, which can only be seen by the program administration, and they can also send other notes if they wish.
9 . The entrepreneur or mentor whose evaluation score is significantly below the program average is given feedback by the program management.
10. Entrepreneurs and/or mentors who do not attend a mentoring appointment without an excuse or cancel a large number of appointments more than 24 hours can be suspended temporarily or permanently.
11. The names and surnames of the active mentors registered in the mentoring program are announced on this site together with the links of the social media accounts they wish.
12. The active mentors in the mentoring system are invited to a joint meeting every 3 months, and the mentors' meeting and sharing of experiences among themselves is supported by the 1773 ITU Teknopark Incubation Center.

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