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İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
İTÜ Tasarım ve Prototip Merkezi Binası Reşitpaşa Mah. Katar Cad. No:2/41 İç kapı: 1 34469 Sarıyer, İstanbul, Türkiye
Genel June 6, 2024

We have welcomed Zafer Mustafaoğlu, the Vice President of Halk Investment Securities.


As 1773 İTÜ Teknopark, we have welcomed Zafer Mustafaoğlu, the Vice President of Halk Investment Securities. During this important visit, we discussed opportunities to crowdfund technological enterprises in our entrepreneurship ecosystem. We also had the chance to explore collaboration opportunities.

Introduction of Our Ecosystem:

During this visit, we have informed Zafer Mustafaoğlu of the following:

  • Technological Enterprises: Projects carried out by our enterprises that lead to innovations and their potential impacts.
  • Crowdfunding Opportunities: How crowdfunding platforms could be used to help our entrepreneurs materialize their projects, and a detailed explanation of the strategies to be followed in this process.

Appraisal of Collaboration Opportunities:

One of the main topics of the visit was the appraisal of collaborations between 1773 İTÜ Teknopark and Halk Investment Securities. In this matter, we have discussed the following topics:

  • Financial Aid: New collaboration models to cover the expenses of our entrepreneurs, as well as financial aid mechanisms.
  • Education and Mentorship: Education programs and mentorship services for entrepreneurs to successfully carry out the crowdfunding process.
  • Investor Network: Bringing our entrepreneurial projects together with a broader investor audience thanks to Halk Investment Securities’ broad investor network.

Prospective Strategies:

Strategies were formed for the improvement of stronger collaborations between 1773 İTÜ Teknopark and Halk Investment Securities and for our entrepreneurs to be supported more in the process of crowdfunding. These strategies include:

  • Joint Projects: Joint projects which will help our entrepreneurs execute their projects with the help of crowdfunding.
  • Regular Communication: Sharing the needs and improvements of our entrepreneurship ecosystem by communicating with Halk Investment Securities regularly.
  • Events and Seminars: Organizing seminars to increase the financial literacy of our entrepreneurs and to improve their information and experience on crowdfunding.

Thank You:

We thank Zafer Mustafaoğlu for visiting 1773 İTÜ Teknopark and his contributions. These visits are important for 1773 İTÜ Teknopark to strengthen our entrepreneurship ecosystem and successfully carry out technological enterprises. We will work together and continue supporting the execution of innovative projects and Turkiye’s ascendance to a leadership position in technology.

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