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İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
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1773 ITU Teknopark TTO

R&D Supports

1773 ITU Teknopark TTO

TTO Supports serve those who want to benefit from National and International Support Programs in order to increase the R&D capacity and project capacities of ITU and industrial organizations and for technological progress. It aims to ensure that academics, businessmen and project owners involved in the development of projects within the framework of university-industry cooperation have accurate, fast and efficient access to the right financing mechanisms.

Calls for the Horizon Europe program form one of our core business areas in this field. In addition, applications to programs such as TÜBİTAK, ERA-NET, JPI, COST, Eureka are supported. However, within the scope of this support, it is essential that the project applications be written by the RESEARCHER. The applications prepared by the project team are reviewed by the 1773 ITU Teknopark TTO, and suggestions and development support are provided to increase the support performance.

1773 ITU Teknopark TTO encourages the efforts to form consortia with national and international partners in order to use such project supports. Consultancy is provided in the creation of work packages for academicians who want to participate in existing or to be established consortia. However, the main responsibilities for consortium formation and participation belong exclusively to the researcher.

While working for researchers to benefit from TTO supports, it performs the following activities:

  • Evaluation of the suitability of the applied call and the work program prepared.
  • Support for budgeting and project design.
  • Announcement of support programs to the target audience.
  • Assistance with pre-evaluation and proposal drafting.
  • Support for project applications.
  • Fund financing and content recommendations on project proposals.
  • Associating with the organizations needed for the realization of the project.
  • Identifying the appropriate support call or funding program.
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