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İletişim İTÜ Teknopark A.Ş.
İTÜ Tasarım ve Prototip Merkezi Binası Reşitpaşa Mah. Katar Cad. No:2/41 İç kapı: 1 34469 Sarıyer, İstanbul, Türkiye
Genel June 12, 2024

We welcomed Tunisian students in 1773 İTÜ Teknopark.


As 1773 İTÜ Teknopark, we are honored to have welcomed Tunisian University students. We have introduced our Teknopark ecosystem and our aids for student entrepreneurs to our guests.

Introduction of our ecosystem:

  • We have informed our guests about:
  • Innovative enterprise: Innovative projects our entrepreneurs work on and their global impacts.
  • Support Programs:  Educational and financial support we provide for students as well as mentorships and incubation programs.

Supports provided for student entrepreneurs:

              We have informed our guests about our:

  • Education and Development: Education programs and workshops we provide on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Mentorship and Consultancy: How students can improve their projects with the one-on-one mentorship and consultancy we provide for them.
  • Financial Aid: Scholarship and Grant opportunities we provide for students to fund their projects.

Future  Collaborations:

              This visit has been an important step in developing possible future collaborations with Tunisian students. In this matter, we have discussed the following topics:

  • Collaborations: We have planned to start joint projects to increase academic and entrepreneurial collaborations between Turkiye and Tunisia.
  • Exchange Programs: We have discussed initiating exchange programs for Tunisian students to gain experience in İTÜ Teknopark.
  • Events and Seminars: We plan to increase information sharing and experience by organizing joint events and seminars.

Thank You:

We sincerely thank Tunisian students for their visit. These kinds of visits strengthen our international collaborations as İTÜ Teknopark and improve our student entrepreneurs’ effectiveness in the global arena. We are hoping to work on innovative projects together in the future.

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